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Dear Future,

Here I come, and when I get there I will be ready!


The present me.

Sea Of Slumber

Sea of slumber,

I can’t wait to drive deep in your wave of dreams

&end this feeling of insomnia that’s washed over me

let me get caught in the undertow of wonder,

I’ll let it drift me far to a world of my perfection&happiness

&I’ll surf threw the stars when I’m ready to come home

I’ll be back to my sea of slumber soon.

By saraffles.tumblr.com

Seriously I’m getting all fired up about this.

Okay I’m not good with news and keeping up with it but all this Chick-fil-a crap and the gay thing is ridiculous. So what if someone’s gay or not? They are just the same as me or you, they just prefer something different. They eat, walk, talk, live, have families and friends, and go places just like us, they deserve to be treated the same. I’m not gay, but seriously, don’t say something about someone because they “sin” differently than you. It’s not your place it judge, it’s God, so do your job and like him do his.
Side note:
And for you dill-holes that don’t support gays, then want chick-on-chick action need to go die in a hole. All I ask is for people, gay or straight, please do not do something inappropriate in front of me. If you have a problem with a opinion then say so? I don’t care. I’m just sticking up for my beliefs as you are doing.

P.S. all the gay people I know have better personalities than most of the straight people I know.

Love/hate messages?